Solutions for Schools and School Districts

Superintendents & Administrators

We will interview you to learn about your particular situation and challenges, and design an appropriate program customized to your school or district. Following is the basic outline of our multi-faceted approach.

Part 1: Virtual Technologies & Training Techniques

We start by educating teachers and administrative staff on Google Classroom/G Suite for Education or your tool of choice, allowing a harmonious method of learning to be established. In this training, virtual etiquette is discussed and taught, lesson plans are revised and “train-the-parent” classes are administered so teachers can communicate easily and efficiently with their students’ at-home liaisons.

Part 2: Process Harmonization & Procedure Documentation

Next, process harmonization of teaching methods and techniques is initiated, including procedures documentation. This entails making sure that websites,technologies, platforms, and best practices are standardized across your school — allowing for virtual learning to be about the material, and not how to find or access it.

Part 3: Change Management & Communications

The last piece of this multi-faceted approach allows a place for open communication and feedback to be welcomed and normalized so that this new reality of virtual learning can be navigated smoothly.

All our offerings with this program include:

- Facilitating conversations between teachers and parents to gather key learnings to help guide decision-making and communications for the 2020–2021 school year
- Helping to identify what processes need to be put in place
- Determining which technologies the school or district wish to uniformly implement and use to ensure consistency
- Ensuring everyone (parents, students, teachers and staff) is trained on these virtual systems to facilitate first-rate virtual learning
- Creating a parent-and-teacher forum where feedback and ideas can be brought forward, heard by the administration, and the administration can respond. This forum could be live (meeting virtually), or it can be via a blog, or Slack channel, or even a newsletter. The aim is for everyone to be heard and feel respected
- Optional: Teaching “Adult Learners” for K–2 teachers, who are in the uniquely challenging position of needing to train parents and other adult guardians and helpers in the material that needs to be taught, so they in turn can help teach the student (we call this “teaching by proxy”)
- Optional: Teaching “By Proxy” for parents and guardians, grandparents, nannies, and other helpers, this training covers any challenges of teaching young learners at home.

If your school or district might benefit from these services and more...

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