M3E Change Associates Inc. is dedicated to helping companies effectively manage major change...

enabling them to operate at peak performance, achieve business objectives, and ensure that employees feel treated with respect and integrity. With a track record of delivering multi-million-dollar impact and change for nationally and globally renowned organizations, we are both strategic and tactical, with demonstrated ability to orchestrate major initiatives, complex departments and large teams.

Don’t let this happen to your organization
Whether you are implementing a new ERP, acquiring a new company, harmonizing your processes, redesigning your org structure, or struggling with culture/morale challenges — change is hard. Unfortunately, most organizations don’t employ proven change management methods that reinforce desired behaviors and drive lasting change — so they wind up with a very expensive project that falls far short of expectations. Worse, many get "stuck" midway through the change only to see their best and brightest talent leave, with no pipeline to handle the "regular" work let alone work related to the change initiative.

Let us help you avoid these situations
We’re masterful at developing leaders who influence change on all levels of their organization — from adopting technology innovations to up-leveling employees’ core competencies, revolutionizing core business processes, improving team performance, and enhancing customer experience.

Find yourself already in the midst of a change initiative that’s been stalled or derailed?
Let's partner to get you back on track as quickly as possible toward realizing that ROI initially imagined.


Our services include: Behavior Change, Change Management,  Corporate Learning,  Strategy,  Data Analytics,  Digital Transformation,  Employee Engagement,  IT Systems Implementation,  Leadership Development,  Organizational Development,  Process Improvement,  Survey Analysis,  Training and Meeting Facilitation, and  Virtual Office Implementation. Read on to learn more about our frequently requested services.

Business Process Redesign

Are you finding a process or processes have become burdensome and overblown? Or in contrast, does the process have holes and critical things are falling through the gaps? It may be time to take a look at how the work is getting done and redesign the methods and processes you are using. 

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Change Management

Whether you are implementing a new ERP, acquiring a new company, harmonizing your processes, redesigning your org structure, or struggling with culture/morale challenges, change is hard. Let us help you meet these challenges head on.

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Employee Engagement and Morale

Are employees calling out sick frequently? Is performance down? Morale low? When managers ask for contributions in meetings are they met by the sound of crickets? These are only a few of the symptoms of poor employee engagement and low morale.

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Virtual Office Implementation

In today's post-COVID environment, working virtually is being called the "new normal." Let us help you navigate the myriad of systems and technologies available and help your employees work more effectively and efficiently, without losing a sense of team.

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Mergers and Acquisition

I specialize in helping people from disparate companies and cultures come together and work collaboratively.

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Organizational Design

Are you looking to restructure a team, department, division, or company? I approach this work in a systematic and ordered way.

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Training and Meeting Facilitation

I strive to make each of my trainings and meetings as experiential and engaging as possible. I therefore design all of my events to include as many experiential activities as possible in combination with content presentation to help make the time fly and keep participants present and engaged.

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