We understand your challenges in the face of COVID-19, and we’re here to help. We want to help you feel confident again and arm you with the knowledge you need to be successful.

Students, parents and teachers around the globe scrambled from March through June, doing their best to finish out the 2019–2020 school year. Without any formal education in how to conduct classes virtually, teachers were suddenly left to figure out how to meet the challenge of teaching remotely — struggling with new technology while trying to teach. There was little process in place, and consistency and quality of delivery varied greatly from teacher to teacher and school to school, creating inequities for students.

What’s more, for children in grades K–2, caregivers are having to act as teachers, too, requiring our teachers to "teach by proxy,” usually without the benefit of being trained in how to teach adults. In addition, most K–12 teachers are not necessarily proficient in the virtual technology and online tools available to them. And now, many teachers are being asked to teach in a hybrid model — educating in-classroom and at-home students simultaneously — without guidance on how best to do it. 

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The ABCs and 123s of Virtual Teaching

Our proven professional development program for teachers can help you master the remote-learning tools and techniques that will make this school year easier, more effective, and more enriching — for you, all your students, and their parents.

Learn how to convert lesson plans, update your procedures, and employ new techniques to ensure every student stays engaged and learns just as well virtually as they would in the classroom.

First, in a 2-hour virtual training session, you’ll learn how to:
- Convert your brick-and-mortar lesson plans to dynamic virtual lesson plans
- New approaches for keeping all students engaged
- Master tips and tricks and advanced functions on Zoom and G Suite for Education
- “Teach by Proxy,” that is train adult learners to facilitate teaching your students
- Record and post your classes 
- Manage a hybrid classroom

After completing the 2-hour virtual training portion, you will be enrolled in three weekly 1-hour workshops where you will join other teachers and the trainer to troubleshoot your actual lesson plans in a supportive and collaborative environment.

Those who complete the program earn 5 Continuing Education Units.

Discounts available for enrollment groups of 10 or more.
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